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    Ali & Leighton

    Ali & Leighton's music ministry began in 2004 while worshipping with 5,000 youth and young adults at the Bangkok Seventh-day Adventist World Youth Congress.  Their first studio ...

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    Amy Cherry

    Amy Cherry was born and raised in Queensland, Australia. From a young age her love for Jesus Christ grew. Her passion for music was always evident and as a teenager she began composing mu...

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    Anna Weatherup

    It is the point where talent and passion meet that you will find Anna Weatherup. A remarkable singer and songwriter, Anna is committed to the journey of succeeding at her craft.  He...

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    Castles In Air

    Castles In Air is a four-piece band from Southern California, United States, whose members started playing together in 2010.  With music that speaks of hope, forgiveness and finding...

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    Eric & Monique

    The music of Eric & Monique evokes metaphors of nature: gentle, needed rain on thirsty ground; refreshing cool breezes on hot skin; a river of peace; dawn painting the horizon. Their pur...

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    Kate Hollingsworth

    Kate Hollingsworth sings with incredible soul, while delivering deep spiritual messages. Her debut album, "Words That Won The War", examines spirituality with a depth of understanding th...

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    Leoni Gardner

    Leoni Gardner's album, "People get Ready", is a majestic contemplation about God and His end time message of hope.

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    Psalter Classics

    The 'Psalter Classics' series is a collection of token albums released during the 1970's, digitally remastered and re-released on CD and digital for today's listeners. It features music f...

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    Sapphire Singers

    Sapphire is one of the most popular singing groups in the South Pacific. It's not uncommon to hear their music playing on buses or in shops throughout the islands. "Young Heart" is their ...

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    Dr Sohyun Eastham started playing the violin when she was four years old, eventually graduating with a Bachelor of Education (Music) from Sam Yook University in Seoul, Korea, in 1993. So...

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    The Promise

    The Promise is a talented and in demand vocal ministry from Avondale College of Higher Education, NSW, Australia.

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    Vintage Season

    Vintage Season is the talented duo of Emily and Jarel Kilgour, who began writing and making music together in 2008. Their music is introspective and a great melding of Jazz, RnB, Pop and ...